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Conference: Phosphorus a limited resource - Closing the Loop

A global plan for phosphorus recirculation is needed! This was one of the strong messages at the first Nordic Phosphorus Conference in Malmö on October 27-28. 2016.

Find links to the presentations from the conference in the conference programme (click on the programme in the menu to the right side).

Phosphorus is an irreplaceable nutrient that we can not live without. At the same time it is a scarce and non-renewable resource, which today we are wasting huge amounts of from fork to farm. But phosphorus can be recycled and reused, so a better utilization of phosphorus is a key point of the Circular Economy. We can, in the Nordic countries help put better phosphorus utilization in a circular perspective high on the international and European agenda.

At the Phosphorus conference we create a meeting place for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, best-practice and political attention locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Hear European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) and EU Commission give their views on what it takes to ensure phosphorus resources in the future as well as national authorities and companies from the Nordic countries that have technology and skills for improved phosphorus utilization.

The Phosphorus Conference is organized by Swedish Waste Management (Avfall Sverige), Norwegian Waste Management and Recycling Association (AVfall Norge) and Waste & Resource Network Denmark (DAKOFA) and is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The Program Committee consists of representatives from academia, the Nordic countries’ water and waste water treatment organisations, industry and environmental authorities.

Please note, that you as conference participants are requested to include your membership in the online registration formular. Registrer as a member if you are a member of one of the following organisations: DAKOFA, Avfall Norge, Avfall Sverige, ESPP, DANVA, Svenskt Vatten, Norsk Vann, FIWA, Finnish Water Utilities Association, Finnish association for biological waste treatment and Finnish Solid Waste Association.

Workshop on organic contaminants and pharmaceuticals in recycled nutrient products
Prior to the Phosphorus conference Thursday 27th October, 8h30 – 12h00 ESPP is hosting a workshop on organic contaminants and pharmaceuticals in recycled nutrient products: state of knowledge and data gaps, risk assessment for health and environment, implications for nutrient recycling and for the EU Fertiliser Regulation revision. Please write in the note box under the registration formular if you want to participate and/or contact info@phosphorusplatform.eu if interested. Workshop is free for Conference participants but registration is obligatory, 75 Euros + VAT or 40 Euros + VAT (students, NGOs) for non Conference participants. Please find the workshop programme here. Registration for the workshop only is to Inge Werther on e-mail iw@dakofa.dk



Conference Sponsors

Conference Sponsors

Hotel rooms are not included in the conference price and participants will have to book and pay for the hotel room seperately.

Please note, that Danish VAT 25% must be paid for the attendees of the conferences, on the conference fee.

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