Waste and Resource Network Denmark


DAKOFA sponsorship are the last few years become incredibly popular, and 2 times a year in removal of DAKOFAs ½-year calendar, it is possible to sign a sponsorship.

There are 2 different sponsorships to choose from. In terms of price as well as the content is very different. These include the opportunity to get logo on ½-year calendar and conference programs, logo on the PowerPoint slides shown during the breaks to all the conferences, link to the company on DAKOFAs website, 1 free employee with the conferences and the possibility of a small exhibition also in the conferences. The composition of the above options will depend on what sponsor is selected.

DAKOFA have chosen - despite many requests - that it is only our members can sign sponsorships.

For further information contact Grace Norgaard in the Secretariat on dakofa@dakofa.dk or tel. +45 32 64 61 24